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Question   I Love your gate of leaves winding around
Thank you for the dramatic energy of your lines and shapes. I am in awe of the power.

- Bonny Lundy 4/12/2016 9:08:58 AM

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Question   Quick follow-up to Lessons inquiry
Mr. Putnam,

Greetings again, this email is just a quick follow-up to the previous one I sent earlier about inquiring about lessons, and to link you with another great smith living in California.

1. I received your email from a friend of mine, David Strum, from Velocity Systems, and whom I think lives near your area (David mentioned that his wife knew about you, and that you were looking to pas the trade to someone).

2. My combatives instructor, Mr. Michael Pick, apprenticed under Frances Whitaker a few years ago, and lives near San Luis Obispo, CA. Mr. Pick, a professional smith for over 35 years now, and I have had numerous conversations about the blacksmithing arts. Unfortunately, due to my career (recently retired) I haven

- Ben Knipscher 2/13/2016 9:47:18 AM

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Question   I just bought your book
Trudy and I have seen your work in the National Cathedral and now live in Baltimore City: 4100 N. Charles St., Apt. 208, Baltimore, MD 21218-1027. Land Phone is:
667-212-4316. We were in Washington, Ct .in May for an alumni reunion at The Gunnery, and after I have read your book, I will donate it to the Gunn Memorial Library and then, probably, order another copy of your book.
If you would choose to inscribe it, I would donate that one to the Library.
Best wishes,
David and Trudy (Beebe) Miller
P.S. I had seen the ad for your book in the London Review of Books, earlier this year.

- David P. Miller 7/23/2015 1:58:52 PM

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Question   Beauty in the Shadows
Dear Nol,

I am excited to meet you in person. Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I am Muriel's Child and cut paper gates, it will be wonderful to see your work.

Most sincerely,

- Barbara Buckingham 3/13/2015 8:31:11 PM

  Answer Well, thank you. Will you be at the signing at WNC on March 25th?

- Nol P.  3/14/2015 1:02:16 PM

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Question   Inspiring work Nol!
Hi Nol, I'm a young eager artist who has fallen for working steel. I aim to create architectural size sculptures, and I love the beauty and simplicity in your forms. This Aug. my boyfriend (whom is also learning the art of blacksmithing) are heading down to the ABANA Conference. I'm curious if you'll be around and also if you'd be willing to have us visit your shop- wherever that may be, and if it's along our journey, that's be wonderful!

- Carol Kajorinne 6/10/2014 8:50:04 PM

  Answer I am sorry ... I completely missed your request back in June! Hope you enjoyed ABANA. A good conference with lots of variety to chose from. Where's home? Feel free to write directly and I will respond in a more timely fashion ... could hardly do worse than the first time!

- Nol P.  3/14/2015 1:04:48 PM

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Question   Sculpture
Do you have a gallery where we can see more of your current works?

- Lee Born 4/24/2014 1:48:02 PM

  Answer Your email in May completely escaped me - so sorry.
Not knowing where you are located, I have work in the Quogue Gallery in Quogue, NY (Long Island); Gallery Flux in Ashland, VA; in my home county of Rappahannock, Virginia, work is found in Coterie and River District Arts in Sperryville and at RH Ballards in Washington.

Thanks for the inquiry....

- Nol P.  3/14/2015 1:08:49 PM

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Question   Walter Scadden
Walt would like to write you about some blacksmith stories he is collecting for possible publication and asked me to get your contact info. ABANA does not seem to publish a demonstrator's list any more, and so this approach is required.

- Frederick Mikkelsen 1/21/2014 8:41:21 AM

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Question   your work
dear nol,

i don't know you very well, but it seems to me that your website reflects a quality of your going right to the heart of things. I love it's simplicity.

your work is both strong and vulnerable. there's a lot of beauty and sensitivity--even in metal. that's some feat! quite a range, sir.... you carry it off!

what a delight and inspiration to see your work. we could talk more about it, particularly if it's ok if I visit your studio while you're working sometime. i'd love to do that.

a surprising thought came to me. you know how children say "if you be my friend i'll invite you to my birthday party?" well, nol, would you be my friend? i'm not sure about the birthday party part, as I usually don't have them, but if I did, i'd invite you. (i'd like to inform you that this kind of approach is a first for me!)

deep thanks for your work,



- margot neuhaus 4/2/2013 3:39:50 PM

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